Wednesday, June 12, 2013

5 Questions with Zeke's Lunchbox (aka Zeke)

The 2095'ers first encounter with Zeke's Lunchbox was during a wandering after work as she meandered down towards Circular Quay.

A funny little creature but perfectly placed with what  I thought at the time a most unusual name.

It felt like an Alice in Wonderland moment with the famous words "curiouser and curiouser" flowing through the brain.

The following weekend, taking the same route, the 2095 found yet another and from that moment it was love.

The colours, the complexity, the sheer beauty AND the fact that she was able to do the Live Long and Prosper: what's not to love!

Over the next few weeks of meandering the 2095 became resigned to the fact that she wouldn't see any more from this Zeke's Lunchbox mob....that was until whilst on an Inner West jaunt she found this:

Here are my 5 questions with Zeke's Lunchbox

Can you give a little about the formation of Zeke's Lunchbox.  Was it a gradual collaborative idea that came to life through an unprovoked process (or even at a bar having a "few" drinks) or was it a heads-down-bums-up "we gotta get a name down NOW"

Zeke's Lunchbox was created with an old friend of mine.  It was initially a fashion label/creative name to put all our work under.  We sat down and figured we needed a name for all that work we were doing and Zeke's Lunchbox stuck for some reason.

It's a pretty silly name actually.  We were 16 years old at the time and it's like naming your pet when you are 5: worked at the time, then you're stuck with it.  I guess the official name is Zeke's Lunchbox but I just prefer Zeke.

Your works range from what seems like free-flowing water colour to quite unusual: and for some perhaps a little confronting.  How long does the process take from conception to birth?

Conception to birth is a tricky one.  I have journals with a billion ideas of series that I would like to do.  It's just a matter of when I'm going to do them.  There are still ideas I'd like to explore form when I was a child, so there is no definitive answer.

When it comes to paste-ups though, I really just see what I've got, print then paste. Lately I've been more inclined to pinat more studies onto loose paper then paste those up.  Two birds with one stone.

Collab or solo

Initially collab, now solo

Your work is also in fashion and design.  Is there an entirely different methodology from creation to finished product or are the principles basically the same

Fashion is a whole new ball park.  I'm currently studying fashion at the moment which I am finding really quite painful.

There are so many rules and the medium of fashion is slow and tedious.  You get lost in the process and forget what the initial idea was about.

Painting and illustrating is so peaceful, relaxing and satisfying. 

I much prefer the process of art rather than fashion.

You're a little bit street, a little bit designer and a whole lotta talent.  Where do you see yourself in say 5 years time

In 5 years I'm hoping to have some great exhibitions under my belt both solo and group. Hoping to have some big painted walls spread across the world.  And finally, making prints and textiles for exciting fashion labels.


An enormous thanks to Zeke for sharing some of her world with the 2095 and for allowing images to be shared!

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