Wednesday, June 12, 2013

5 Questions with Barek

The 2095'ers intro to Barek and his wonderful world was by way of the cutest little bee. And this little bee was found at (insert obvious...or for those who haven't read enough of the 2095 chick's blogs!) my first visit to PM3 at The Outpost.

Little did the 2095'er realise that from that moment on (yep: reckon there just maybe too many "that"s in that sentence) a friendship by way of photography and artist would be forged.

Are you able to tell me about the humble beginnings of what would become the international Barek phenomena

My "beginnings": I started to make stickers a few years ago inspired by the artists in Brisbane.  Nothing memorable.  Beginner street artist designs: zombies & stuff, not signed or anything.

One day I saw that they had been photographed and were online!  People liked them! So I made more.

I then gave myself the street-name "Barek" and so it began.

Soon after that I wanted to bigger so began paste-ups when grew in to painting walls. Barek's "eyes" have changed as I have matured as an artist form multi lined eyes to the ones I draw today.

As you've progressed through your art career, in what way do you think your style has changed and do you see it evolving naturally or do you think it alters according to what the "fans" want to see

I never paint "what people want to see", more what I want to see, and if others like it? Great!  

My art is very personal, documenting my failings, broken heart, friends/family: a diary.

I recently painted a series of "Jim" inspired by my friend Jim, his beard and white rabbit trapped in a net.  My personal struggle with migraines and being trapped in them or the "Miner Mouse" based on a friend who works in a copper mine.

As with many, I am sure you have had some bizarre encounters with fans totally out of the blue.  Are you able to share a couple?

I hate the "f" word - I never know how to reply to somebody after they've told me they are a fan.

Recently I was painting with my garage door open.  People walked past only to do a circle come back and ask "is that a Barek?" as they had only seen them online.

They were actually quite excited about stumbling across my hidden studio and identity, being that I do my work anonymously.

I've had hilarious moments standing behind people at my shows, listening to them talking about me to their friends "I saw a photo of this when he was working on it" not realising I am standing behind giggling.  I am shy so can't find the courage to say anything (as the 2095'er suffers from the same she TOTALLY gets this)

In 5 words can you describe the philosophy of Barek

Gonna Get Help with this last one!


So my thanks as always to my friend Barek for sharing a bit of time with the 2095 chick.

And if you haven't you MUST Barek Art

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