Monday, July 29, 2013

A moon licht bricth tonicht

There are times for the 2095 chick where music and compilations of graff must be shared.  She is not quite sure from where this "urge" is derived.  

Is that she is a "frustrated" artist perhaps?

Might it be that it is simply a desire to express using two of her passions: music and streetart photography?

Or is it that a theme simply presents itself and from there everything magically appears to fall in to place.

Who knows (one could debate the idiosyncratic nature of the 2095 until the end of time, and perhaps provide some head doctors with interesting fodder), but whichever way you choose to look at it, there is one constant in the 2095'ers world: passion and that passion needs an outlet and that outlet results in to the little vids below!

Once upon a time the 2095'er was a member of The Sydney Film Festival and went to a most intriguing talk on how music influences our perception of a visual, whether it be tv, film or even a streetart slide show/montage.

Enjoy and make of it what you will....but there is one thing to keep in mind: the theme. Are you able to work it out?

being a fan of a certain series involving a psychopathic serial killer is pretty obvious here

Take note: what the brain hears may influence the viewer's conclusion as to what the 2095'er had intended when creating...which for the hoi polloi might be the definition of "art".

Thanks for watching!

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