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5 Questions with Scarlette Rose Fairy Rainbow Art

As with many accidental discoveries (or are they the 2095'er anything really an accident or is it more of a case of "it was meant to be" or going down a "road to be travelled"....oh no!  STOP!!! Faaaaar too philosophical for this time of the day to write let alone read or debate!) the 2095 chick was meandering around May Lane early in the morning and with eye-swivel in full throttle she looked down and, as with many other "fatalistic" moments, it was not just breath taking but instant girly love.

There must be some admission made at this particular juncture: there are times when the sun is not exactly the best friend to a photographer of street art, let alone a rising one at that.  

While in summer the 2095 chick embraces the sun like a long lost friend and receives her blessing at every given moment thanks to a wonderful balcony, (and yes the sun is imperative to our overall well being of selves and planet) she can also be bloody annoying when trying to obtain "the" shot.  That magical moment where there is no shadow, no reflection, where every detail of the piece is shown to its maximum capacity!

But digression now occurs.  

Admittedly there are times when the 2095 chick becomes wholly obsessed in returning to said May Lane determined to discover each and every new addition whether it be a tag or a tin and it was on a return journey she discovered more from this amazingly talented paste up artist.

Success!  A STUNNER! No dratted shadows, no reflection: pure perfection

Image most satisfyingly captured, and one head swivel later (60 seconds if one wishes to be pedantic about things) with an audible gasp of delight.....

And now here are my 5 questions with Scarlette Rose Fairy

From incredibly beautiful intricate paste-ups or a rainbow on a window: what is it about the colour spectrum that intrigues and inspires creativity

Rainbows & bright colours have always made me feel really happy and positive since I can remember and I've always used incredibly vibrant colours in my work.  (I rarely used pastel or earthy tones which is something I feel I have to start incorporating into some of my work).

The intense bright blend of colour in other street art is always so inviting  in stark contrast to the dullness of city buildings, concrete etc, so rainbows and crazy bright colours are what feel right for me, so adding paste ups to Sydney in varying types of rainbows excites me!

I know so many people who feel the same so if seeing one of my paste-ups on your boring routine wall makes you smile then I've done my job!

I have started reading, learning and researching more about the use of colours and why we choose certain blends; it's almost like a colour therapy and I want to know the reasons behind the logic (of selective choice of blends).

My kids also go to a Rudolf Steiner school which is always full of rainbows and colours every day so it is literally part of our lifestyle, so feeling pretty luck about that really!

From Japanese women in komono to babushka to the most amazing koi.  Are these an indelible part of your lifestyle which are thus reflected in your pieces, or are they just random "love lines" in need for celebration by way of Rainbow Art's paste-up

I've always admired street-art and am a huge fan of seeing the work from the train carriage and going in to a dreamy world of my days at school & work, always hoping one day to be adding to those lovely walls.

I noticed there was a lack of feminine, floral, girly work on the streets; I've seen an awesome range of ladies doing their thing, but not locally.  There was so much writing and tags, I almost felt like converting to an anti-street-art person (not seeing the beauty).

At that time my art had no particular meaning behind it, just a collection of things that made me feel happy and content: art changed my life & attitude so I thought why not share it!  Bite the bullet and start adding some rainbow love to Sydney walls.

My style of work is influenced from when I was as a tattoo artist.  Before becoming a mum, I completed my tattoo apprenticeship in 2005 with an old friend of mine, who took me under his wing for which I feel incredibly blessed.  A lot of my work is inspired and influenced by the "feminine" and the "pretty" tattoo designs that I was surrounded by all day.

I noticed after a while in the tattoo studio the boys I worked with were encouraging me to do colourful tattoos while they did the grey-shade/black work and as I was getting more female clients it suited us all.

I was living the dream!

Can you outline the steps (including the origin of concept) from start to finish on the methodology, design, print with the finale being deciding which wall shall be the new "gallery"

I had a folio with a collection of work that didn't have any meaning behind them...just art that made me feel warm and fuzzy, so I started to colour photocopy them.

The original work was created using pencils, water colours, inks, paint and posca's so to photocopy them was the cheapest way to add them to walls.  No strict format or ground plan as such.  I'd just stick/paste them to suit the area I found while wandering around. I have a collection I'd cut out at home which were ready to use and then paste them up!

It's just fun for me to kind of go with the flow and see where each day and night takes me, so if there's a nice plain un-used gap on a wall, I just pop each design up and use whatever fit that appeals to my eye.  That's why I love street-art: working with what is there, the constant change, the fading pictures, and the beauty of its constant change.

....AND if I get caught, paste-ups are easier to scrape off a wall!  I do think about people who may not like considerate am I!

Do you find your two worlds of artist and mum collide or are you one of those amazing women who can multi-task with such apparent ease, it's like breathing

Hahahaaaa...not it's not easy all the time, I promise!

My kids always come first, but I'm also a better Mum when I'm creating, so it's a Catch-22.

I gave up my full time tattoo career to raise my kiddies so I needed a creative outlet that was my "sanity" and personal time and I realised that street-art/paste-up was perfect!

I simply organise myself so that work time doesn't interfere with "kids time" (eg: when they are in bed asleep).  I stay up a little later than planned so I can have my time to play with colour!

Sometimes we all go out together as a family and check out Sydney streets, add to it (my little girl always says "wow!  you're doing a great job mum"!) and my husband is so supportive of our creative adventures.  He is creative too so understands: we help each other.

There are day which are fantastic and get loads done and can multi-task everything and everyone.  Then there are days that turn to poo from the moment you wake up but hey, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I work with what I've got!

In 5 words, how would you describe the world known as Scarlette Rose Fairy Rainbow Art

"Rainbow" "explosion" of "feminine" "positive" "girly" art!

And thank goodness for that: there can never be too many of these beautiful pieces of these adorning walls around the streets.

An ENORMOUS thank you to Scarlette Rose Fairy Rainbow Art for sharing time, insight and some girly time with the 2095 chick and of course for allowing images to be reproduced for this beautifully colourful blog!

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