Monday, July 1, 2013

5 Questions with Asio Gidup

For my encounter with Asio Gidup was at .......(insert obvious).  The piece somewhat confounded the 2095'er as it appeared to be a paste up which comprised of mini-pasteups but then presented as a single paste up (and if you can follow that thread then you are obviously well entrenched and familiarised with the 2095's "expressionism"s).

Ironically it would also be the day that her ISD was full by full, I mean 4G full AND she had left the second in the confines of her abode for reasons yet to be identified. frustration, given that the nature of PM3 was to be a (at least this is how the 2095'er wanted it to be) quasi-street-art-hunt where it's a case of "here one day, pasted over the next".

Fortunately the artist in question has provided the 2095'er with a photograph to include in this somewhat rambling intro.

How long as Asio Gidup been part of the 'street art' movement

I started pasting in 2010.  I began making photo collages a year or so beforehand.  I was a toy at tagging in high school but always loved going on missions.

Your technique is incredibly complex yet when one sees the final "product" it has the appearance of being deceptively easy.  Can you explain the methods used from start to finish for these incredibly impressive masterpieces.

Well thank you!  What a lovely thing to say, you're very kind.  I take lots of photos from multiple perspectives and angles of the same object (a landscape, object, person etc).

I don't use a tripod (to which the 2095 cheers loudly!) I try to take photos in the same sitting because I find I take the photo sets differently depending on my state of mind.

The task involves concentration, so if I am in a depressed mood for example, I'll possibly experience anhedonia (slowing of the thoughts) and I'll take a set of photos differently compared to when I am in a state of joy or love.

I sort the photos out and take them to print. Depending on the location I have in mind, I will make the poster in to segments or at times will put together on the spot.

What has been your largest installation to date

Largest to date would probably have been a beach landscape at Holloway Eye-ware warehouse in West-End (Brisbane) for Lost Movements in December 2012  (4.6 x 5.2)

What drives you to create

I'm driven by torment from obsessive thoughts and compulsion to realise them.  Music and women inspire me most.

Do you Asio Gidup as having a certain "shelf life" or will you continue to create for as long as the desire to do so exists

I guess I don't really understand the question.  This is the way I have found to express my ideas and feelings that comes easily to me and brings me joy, peace of mind, satisfaction and much more: all as essential forms of introspection and self-healing.

So to say "shelf life" implies I will only want to continue to visually express myself for a short period of my life, which is not the case.

It's possible that your philosophy of self expression differs slightly from mine, and if so that's ok (nb: as a personal aside the 2095'er believes that as long as there is a person there will always be self-expression in whatever form it may take)

An element of disagreement in any conversation is a good thing.  It means everyone's paying attention and participating.


My thanks to Asio for sharing part of his life with the 2095'er and allowing photos to be reproduced for this article.

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