Tuesday, August 20, 2013

5 Questions with Blythe Crowe

It's not often that the 2095 chick's memory fails on pinpointing pivotal moments in her life, moreover when there is a meeting between the artist and photographer.  In fact on many occasion she has been the "phone a friend" on matters of trivia, events (good and bad), and past lives in the industries she once worked.

But as she types the cogs begin to turn...dang there is NO way she can let this piece continue without being precise and exact!  She'd be letting Team 2095 Chick down for heaven's sake and that dear friends is a big fat no no in her books!

AH HA!  How could this chick be so remiss....of course...it could only be....it was as a result of her joining a certain group on a certain social media page focussing on a certain event which threw her head first into a certain world.

Nooooo....not this time.  No way is the 2095'er going to state the obvious.  For if you do not know by now, then you will simply have to read through previous blogs in order to ascertain exactly what it is she refers to!

Now that that is comfortably out of the way.

Whilst not having met in person due to geographic discourse, the 2095'er saw a post on AWOL Stencil's page asking for people to submit photos so as to be part of her project "People/Society" (an amazing range of images which you can check out "here"), photographic hand duly put up, the 2095'er was completely stoked to hers included!

Since that time the 2095 chick has been observing this artist's developing style and maturation and felt that NOW was the time to delve into the world of the artist known as Blythe Crowe.

Young artist up and ready to go.  When did you first realise you wanted to not only become an artist, but extend that definition to include street in your portfolio

I started getting serious about art when I was around 12 years old.  I had a passion for tattoos.  I loved the design, especially tribal art.

I taught myself line art which then led to tribal art.  About a year later I heard about this guy called Banksy.  That's when I fell in love with the idea of stencilling and painting the streets.

Ever since then I strived to make the world a more beautiful place, one brush stroke at a time.

Why stencilling

I was always amazed how something simple could be so beautiful and bold!  I loved how putting a couple of shapes together could speak so loud.

It makes you stop and take a second look.

You have done some incredible projects to date including stencil images of photos of people you have met via the wonders of social media.  What has been for you the most pivotal one that has a permanent place in your heart

The one that will always stick with me is a portrait I did of a baby who was born with a disability.  His mother's words still replay in my mind "this picture was taken two days after my life changed completely.  You see, I had plans to be a professional, to work in a high-rise in Manhattan.  When he was born with a disability my life went from climbing corporate ladders to knocking down barriers.  What is the saying?  'We make plans and the gods laugh'.  This picture reminds me that disabled people are human.  He looks 'normal' doesn't he?  Like the average sleeping baby.  It's why I am who I am today.  It's my blessing".

I have a disabled brother, so this story really hits home.  Her words express that every person, no matter what shape or size are beautiful.

These are the stories that make it all worthwhile.

Where do you see your future as both artist and street artist

I hope to spread my work globally.  I'd love to travel and spread a little inspiration everywhere I go.

My dreams are to pain Basel in Miami (Florida) and have a solo gallery show.

I don't aim to be the next Bansky and don't aim to sell my work for millions.

My goal is to inspire the next guy to follow his dreams.

Edge Gallery Collab Mural 2012

When can we (as in Australia!) expect to see you visit and adorn some walls with your work

Hopefully soon!  I've never travelled but Australia is one of the places I have the most fans (see Blythe's facebook page "here").  So it's definitely on my list of things to do.


And the walls await you!  If you haven't already you MUST check out her website "here" and from there you can keep up to date with all stencil goings on via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr.....thank goodness for the fibreoptic world is all this chick can say.

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