Saturday, August 10, 2013

5 Questions with Justin Feuerring

It was a sunny October Saturday post work and the 2095 chick decided to take advantage the not too hot October afternoon and have a meander around Surry Hills, given her previous attempt had been thwarted due to some unwelcome rain (dang that's SO annoying when plans have been laid, route has been determined and then the weather god's simply refuse to co-operate!).

Having lived around the area for many years she knew the back streets and laneways fairly well, more-so when there is a pub involved!  Ahh those were the days.....

Starting to get a little impatient and feeling that the head--eye-swivel was beginning to let her down, it was on a "I'll just go down here and then if I don't find anything it's home" laneway: success!

On the corner just below the street sign the 2095'er saw the cutest little cartoon characters that she hadn't seen around before (certainly not in the Inner West!)

Even better, it hadn't been subjected to rain or fun-police-removal.  The 2095'er must admit at times like these she always has a little inner jump of joy and whilst being mindful that patience is apparently a virtue, her impatience to get return to the abode and revel in the day's findings were starting to rear its ugly head.

Therefore a little bit of self-talk "calm down girl!  where you find one you are bound to find more" and find more she did.

But it was her final finding of the day that really triggered the intrigue and wanting to know more about the people behind Riz and Max (...well at that stage Max cause she never seen a caricature that appeared to be a signature style of an artist) and it was with last image captured that all was revealed

On the ferry trip home the 2095 chick spent much of the time musing "Feuerring....has to be...there HAS to be a connection".

Connection with whom, you ask.  Well read on for here are my 5 Questions with Justin Feuerring.

Who exactly is Justin Feuerring

Ha ha...explaining exactly who I am would be a very difficult thing to do considering I'm only 28 and don't even know what day it is!

My first taste of art practice was when I was about 15 years old.  I had been kicked out of boarding school in Armidale and was living back with my Mum and Step-Father in Wollongong.

I was smoking a lot of weed during this period of my life which was the main contributor to getting the boot from boarding school and also my creativity.

My parents enrolled me in Wollongong High School of Performing Arts.  I was dabbling here and there in sketch books when my sister gave me a few of her old black & white photography magazines.  I started drawing the detailed tonel figures in my sketch book and from that day on I was hooked.

Miss Lee (my art teacher at the time) noticed my talent and selected me for the Dobell Drawing Course at The Nation Art School.  This is when I got a sniff of Atelier and the Sydney art scene.

Being the great nephew of Maximilian Feuerring, do you feel art is "in the blood" or is it something you feel you would have been from within inspite/despite that connection

Well I don't believe it's in the blood.  From a very young age I was surrounded by my Great Uncle's work.  Every bit of wall space was covered with Maximilian Feuerring paintings, drawings or sculptures.

I guess a larger part of my formative years I was looking at his paintings and being inspired by them.  Having another artist in the family gave me more confidence that art could be a possible career path in the future.

Your works range from some of the most beautiful art masterpieces to some insanely clever street.  Do you find there is a clash of the two cultures or do you simply ride the wave and allow each to have its own "voice"

Street art is another element of my art practice.  My studio practice and street art work together as a team.  They compliment each other in a way that theatre and film would for an actor.

Today the line between street art and fine art is blurred even more.

I love surfing, so in other words "I ride the wave dude"

For you personally, what is the most challenging thing about standing your grown and not allowing yourself to become seduced by offers that are thrown at you

It all depends on how seductive the offer is!  Just kidding.  I do maintain my integrity but at the same time try not to limit myself commercially.

At the end of the day even artists have to eat and pay rent.

In relation to the street art side of your life, what can we expect to see from the artist known as Feuerring

I don't deal with expectations very well.  After all, how boring would street art be if we had expectations.

That's the beauty of street art, you can never expect where to find the next hidden treasure.  

All I can say is "keep your eyes peeled for more pieces to come".

I'm also working on a new body of work which explores "Life and Religion" focussing on the Catholic Church and its ill nature.


Live it, love it, breath it and enjoy every aspect of what this most interesting person has to say about not just his life but what we can see from him in the future.  

You can help the guy pay his rent and visit his website "here" and buy something! The 2095 chick loves it so reckons you should too.

On a more serious note, swing by the 2095 Collective Volume 1 to see more of his works "here"

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